What We Do

Innovation Care Partners has created a local network for physicians that have agreed to come together to deliver high quality, cost efficient care. Through ICP, physician members have access to industry-leading communication and collaboration technologies, best practice care coordination services, and access to insurance value based contracts.

Provide Care Coordination and Transitional Case Management Services

ICP Transitional Case Managers assist patients with transitions from the hospital, working with patients and families connecting them to their primary care physicians, and helping to coordinate services and support at home to improve the patient's recovery and avoid another Hospital or Emergency Room admission. ICP Comprehensive Care Coordinators provide additional support to patients through their primary care physician. Care Coordinators serve as health coaches, connect patients with community resources, and help patients establish and achieve their healthcare goals.

Improve Access to Data for Clinicians

ICP has implemented technology to give clinicians greater, easier access to their patient's clinical data. Healthcare is famous for multiple, disparate information systems that don't communicate well. ICP has technology to bring together clinical data from multiple sources so clinicians have access to more of the data they need to make informed care decisions for their patients.

Improve Physician Communication and Coordination

ICP encourages physicians to communicate, collaborate, and coordinate regarding patient care. To support efficient and secure communication, ICP has implemented HIPAA-compliant secure communication and referral management technologies that enable our physicians to achieve their communication goals.

Manage the Health of Patients

Everything ICP does ultimately is aimed to help our physicians to be better equipped to understand and manage their patient's health better. ICP leverages the vast amount of clinical data available to physicians and delivers analytical data to our physicians to help them proactively manage patient health.